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UPS & back-up Power systems


Electrilabs also have a number of products which is offered via our on-line store.

To obtain our services please contact us.

Electrilabs started of in 1999 exclusively as an UPS repair Workshop.

Within the first year the workshop services also expanded into on-site UPS repair and maintenance services.

From then on Electrilabs grown from strength to strength, delivering 500KVA+ UPS Turn-Key solutions in Sub-Sahara African Countries. After more than 20 years Electrilabs still remains focused on UPS business with many loyal customers still depending on our experience and expertise to keep their critical equipment powered.


Our UPS on-site maintenance and support service offering is an important value-add service we offer with all the UPS hardware we sell. We therefore are an One-Stop power backup service provider that sustains the customers' investment in UPS equipment they purchased from us.

UPS Back-up power

UPS - Store


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