Electrical services

Commercial & Residential Services

With extensive training and experience within the electrical trade, Electrilabs is fully qualified to diagnose, complete repairs, do maintenance and carry out new installations on electrical boards inclusive of standard electrical services such as wiring, fixtures and fittings.


Electrilabs conducts inspections on behalf of the general public and makes unique findings as listed below, as the law holds the user or lessor of an electrical installation personally responsible for the safety, safe usage and maintenance of the electrical installation of the property/site.


  • Ensures all standards are complied with and being met

  • The issue of electrical certificates for the sale of properties


Our teams have a large range of spare parts, fittings and the necessary equipment to ensure all problems are solved efficiently and professionally.



Contact us if your geyser has burst, is leaking or just needs replacing.


We will maintain, repair or replace your burst geysers or leaking geysers new and Old! We also repair leaking pipes and valves around geysers.


  • Diagnosing all geyser repairs and replacements

  • Repairs to burst or leaking geysers, pipes, valves and elements



  • Diagnosing all Stove and oven problems

  • Element Replacements

  • Stove Plate Replacements

  • Stove Isolators

  • Fit New Stove 

  • Fit or Repairs to Stove Power Point

  • Wiring Repair



  • Dedicated Circuits (Red Plugs)

  • Earth leakage, tripping, power outages

  • Lightning and surge arrestor supply and installation

  • Class 1 & 2 Protection

  • Earthing Repairs & Installations

  • Certification for all insurance companies in S.A

  • Landscaping Lights

  • LED Lights Supply, Installations, Repairs & Maintenance

  • Distribution Boards (DB) Upgrades, Services and Repairs

  • Diagnosing all Repair requirements

  • Lighting Contactors

  • Relocations, Upgrades, Replacement of Switches, Rewiring and Balancing

  • Lighting Conductors for Thatched Roofs, Houses & Buildings

  • Transformers, Motors & Generator Protection

  • LED Light Supply & Installation

  • Office & Parking Lot

  • Specialized Design & Layout

  • Street Lights

  • Ceiling & Down Lights

  • Home & Security Lights

  • Globe Replacements 

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Electrical Certification

The type of certification or report you receive depends on the nature and scale of electrical installation service, inspection and/or testing that Electrilabs has conducted. Examples include: certification for new installations, alterations or additions


It is important that you not only receive but keep all and any paperwork for an electrical installation service,  periodic inspection and testing.


  • Electrical Compliance Certificate (CoC)

  • Commercial Electrical Maintenance

  • Lightning Repairs

  • Electrical Fault Finding & Faulty Plug Replacement

  • Geyser Tripping Power & Element Replacement

Heaters & Pool Motors


  • Pool DB Boards & Timers

  • Pool Light

  • Pool Motors plumbing repairs and replacement

  • New Pumps & Motors

  • Pool Heaters Services, Repairs & Supply


Electrilabs also have a number of products which is offered via our on-line store.

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