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Solar Power


These projects were deployed at banking-, retail-, residential- and commercial buildings, as well as the for the mining industry.

Electrilabs also have a number of other products which is offered via our on-line store.

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Electrilabs entered the solar market as a PV Solar Power Energy Supplier back in 2012 when this technology was emerging strongly in Europe.

Turn-key solar systems have been developed and exported as far as the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) where a complete freezer-room solution was designed and shipped for a remote location which is completely off-grid.

The Solar market in Southern Africa was still growing but did not take off until load-shedding became problematic for everyone in South Africa.

Electrilabs still continues to deliver turn-key solution in Sub-Sahara Africa with the emphases on hybrid solutions for residential, Commercial and industrial clients in this region.

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