Electrilabs have deployed a number of data centers.

Data Center Cooling Condensers
Data Center Cooling Condensers

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Modualr Huawei Data Center
Modualr Huawei Data Center

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Data  Center Installation
Data Center Installation

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Modular Data Centres


Hot/Cold Isle Containment Systems


Precision Cooling


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System Integration


Turn-Key Projects

DCIM - Data Center Infrastructure Management


For more than 20 years Electrilabs has deployed and continuously maintained advanced data-centre
technologies for various corporate customers such as SITA, Sasol, Impala Platinum, Eskom, IDC, SAPS,
PBMR, Sentech et cetera. Propelled by true South African experience and a drive towards technological
innovation, Electrilabs deploys turn-key solutions, starting with civil work, then generators mainly from
the Huawei and APC architecture as backbone for the IT hardware. Electrilabs provides a systematic
approach to building economic, manageable data centre solutions, whilst utilizing standardized,
adaptable components.
Electrilabs helps you define ways to do business more effectively and efficiently by performing proper
maintenance to increase the availability of the systems upon which your business depends. Engaging
you in an active and on-going dialogue, we listen actively, taking note of specific requirements and
Proposal to SITA - RFB 2146/2020 Confidential
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Electrilabs UPS and Datacenter Projects
1. SITA - Supply and install 80-160KVA UPS’ at SAPS locations and SITA Switching Centers.
2. SITA - Maintenance SLA 2016 - 2019 for a number of SITA Switching Centers and SAPS UPS's.
3. PBMR - Build a new Data Centre and relocated an existing Data Centre - including servers.
4. NERSA - SLA for maintenance of their data centre infrastructure.
5. Cell-C - Supply and install Hardware Monitoring systems (NetBotz) at 11 regional data centers
which transmits real-time monitoring data to Cell-C's NOC, Johannesburg. - Turn-Key.
6. Tshwane Local Council – 24 Rack datacenters in Centurion.
7. SAN-Park – 4 Rack high density datacenter.
8. Statistics SA – Extension of existing datacenter and Upgrade of UPS systems.
9. Sentech - Supply, install and maintain 500KVA UPS at NASREC Satellite Transmission Station.
10. Sentech - Supplied ± 50 x 80-160KVA UPS at transmitter towers throughout South Africa.
11. Sasol Fuel – 400+ fuel stations – UPS solutions and ongoing SLA since 2009.
12. CCMA - Maintain UPS and Fire Suppression System.
13. Sasol Synfuel – UPS replacements/upgrades in plants at Secunda and Sasolburg.
14. Gauteng Department of Health – 41 small scaled datacenters at clinics.
15. Impala Platinum Mine - Supply UPS's for instrumentation systems at 16 shafts.
16. Eskom:-
· Eskom Witbank Datacenter – 15 Rack contained datacenter with UPS generator, flooring Civil
works, Environmental Monitoring System and fire suppression – Turnkey
· Eskom Vryburg –Klerksdorp, Mmabathu, Vereeniging etc. turnkey solution + SLA
· Eskom Centre – NetBotz for monitoring of various remote sites
Maintenance and Support Capabilities
Since Electrilabs started as a service orientated company in 1999, we now have field service teams that
services our customers’ datacenters, allowing our clients to focus on their core business.
During 2001 we have established a well equipped workshop to repair and service UPS's and other
equipment on a daily basis. Spare parts are kept by SE and Huawei locally and are available to Electrilabs
when required.
Proposal to SITA - RFB 2146/2020 Confidential
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Electrilabs is the official APC Service centre since 2017 - https://twitter.com/hashtag/electrilabs?lang=en
The very same services requested in this tender, we have already provided to SITA (example - 913-JM-
768-2016 until 2019) which called for the maintenance of the SITA Switching Centers at a number of
locations throughout the country. Electrilabs have also performed maintenance at numerous SAPS sites
on behalf of SITA.
Electrilabs is registered with the Department of Labor and with the Electrical Contractors Board (ECB) as
a licensed Electrical contractor given that we have our own electricians onboard.
Our Product Portfolio
Electrilabs have long standing relationships with some of the most prominent UPS and data-centre
solution OEM's in the world. These are APC and Huawei of which both are providing exceptionally
reliable products at competitive prices whilst at the same time providing innovative solutions to the
market place
The technical support infrastructure is absolutely essential in ensuring that the products provide the
highest reliability possible and that the client receives expert advice when choosing and installing a UPS
Electrilabs is a certified partner for both APC and Huawei, which entitles us not only to the marketing of
relevant products in Southern Africa, but we also provide technical and service support to our customers
in Sub-Saharan Africa. With that said, we are certified with both APC and Huawei as Service Partners.
Solution Approach and Design
We understand that each business environment is different. Before we recommend any Infrastructure
solution, we collect as much information as possible so we can deliver a solution that will accurately fit
your required needs.
Providing you with an exact solution is just the beginning. We value the trust in our company that your
purchase represents. Electrilabs takes pride in fostering long-term and mutually beneficial relationships
with customers like yourself. We build these relationships one at a time, through open, on-going
dialogue and careful consideration of each customer's particular needs.
Proposal to SITA - RFB 2146/2020 Confidential
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Technical Offering
An initial assessment of all offices’ data centre equipment is essential to identify and assess any faulty
equipment. Once done will we be able to make meaningful recommendations. The cost for such an
assessment is included in the price for "Repairs/ Fix All as is Issues as described in Section 2.1(c)"
The initial focus will be on reinstating the backup power infrastructure (UPS') into functional and reliable
systems. Since the client asks for a solution whereby the emergency power is outsourced to the vendor
responsible for the data centre maintenance, do we consider it essential to conduct an in-depth
investigation of the UPS' current condition.
We presume the objective will be to reinstate a reliable power supply where after the UPS's might be
replaced with new UPS's as and when it becomes necessary.
· The replacement and maintenance of all the UPS's are included in our offer.
· We however consider the initial UPS service and replacement of the existing battery strings, to
be paid for separately by the client.
· On expiry of this SLA (36 months) will the UPS's become the property of the client, however
prior to that date will it remain (100%) the property of Electrilabs.
The UPS sizes we recommend is based on ≤2KVA additional load for peripheral devices such as
Dedicated red plugs, Fire Detection, Emergency Evacuation System, Biometric System, PABX System and
Emergency Lights inside the data centre. At a power factor of 0.8 are the UPS sizes as follows:
No Office/Server Room Name Power Consumption
UPS size to cater for 150%
capacity at a 0.8 Pf.
1 Pretoria Merino Building 10978 watts 20KVA - 3-phase
2 Pretoria Rentmeester 5489 watts 10KVA - Single-Phase
3 Johannesburg Deeds 10978 watts 20KVA - 3-phase
4 East London
5489 watts 10KVA - Single-Phase
5 Mpumalanga Deeds 5489 watts 10KVA - Single-Phase
7 Bloemfontein Deeds 5489 watts 10KVA - Single-Phase
8 Umthata Deeds 5489 watts 10KVA - Single-Phase
9 King Williams Town Deeds 5489 watts 10KVA - Single-Phase
10 Cape Town Deeds 10978 watts 20KVA - 3-phase
11 Limpopo 5489 watts 10KVA - Single-Phase
Proposal to SITA - RFB 2146/2020 Confidential
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The Power Distribution Boards that we pre-build for deployment with UPS's are purpose-build which
includes a service bypass switch to enable the quick isolation of the UPS equipment while maintaining
raw power to the load while a UPS might can to be serviced or replaced.
Cooling is just as essential as a reliable power supply. We therefore do not recommend that comfort air
conditioners be used as a substitute for Precision Air Conditioners. Comfort air conditioners is not
designed to run continuously and will fail when the heat-load becomes demanding. For this reason will
we focus on getting the Uniflair Precision Air Conditioners serviced and working. It might be necessary
to look at new air cooled, direct expansion units that will be able to provide a sensible cooling capacity
that equals the capacity of the anticipated 150% load of the UPS'.
It will be more appropriate to migrate to CRAC's that have humidification capabilities integrated into the
unit which will ensure a precise temperature and humidity control.
We notice that all sites have Co2 (Size) fire suppression systems. A concentration of 17% to 30% Carbon
dioxide can rapidly cause unconsciousness, coma and death. Therefore, a fire extinguishing system that
puts CO2 into a confined space presents a high risk of suffocation to anyone working in the data center.
We would recommend that all Co2 fire suppression systems be phased out rapidly.
In the case of these smaller data centers might it be possible to make use of a single vendor's products
but the more functionality is required the bigger the change of having to integrate 3rd part devices.
During our deployment of equipment and Environmental Monitoring system over the years have we
found that it eventually becomes inevitable to include multi-vendor sensors and gateways integrated
together to read all the required sensors data onto a single management platform. This is especially so
when equipment does not have the required interfacing that allows access to all its functionality,
typically generators with limited remote monitoring features.
It will be essential for us to have access to the monitoring systems via a gateway which will allow us to
interrogate equipment remotely if there are alarms raised by the monitoring system.
The existing GX 101 monitoring unit will be scrutinized for its capabilities. Once an assessment was done
on all the existing monitoring systems, including the surveillance cameras and access control systems,
will we make recommendation in terms of possible system enhancements.
Such enhancements that will be quoted for separately.
Proposal to SITA - RFB 2146/2020 Confidential
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Any metallic component that is part of the data center infrastructure, such as equipment, racks, ladder
racks, enclosures, cable trays, cable with a screen or foil shield, etc., must be bonded to the grounding
system which is suppose to have its own ground earth.
This on its own can become a massive task, especially if this earth needs to be separated from the
building earth and grounded separately via its earth spike or mat. Achieving a earth resistance of 1Ω or
less might not necessarily be possible. This will however be tested with our earth tester and appropriate
recommendation made accordingly. Pease note that a licensed electrician is required to bond the AC
power panel.