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There is a huge variety of application areas where micro turbines have specific advantages compared to other conversion technologies. Micro turbines are known for its long life, low maintenance requirements and high reliability. Combined typical other characteristics (compact, low weight, fuel flexibility, low emissions etc), many application areas allow feasible solutions in different industries. Examples are remote power generation (oil & gas, pipelines, oil rigs, mobile telecom), range extenders (automotive), gensets (remote power, backup power, transport), energy conversion etc.

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This micro turbine design is based on low cost high-performance micro turbo-machinery technology suitable for efficient micro turbine cycles in the 4kW electrical power output range. With its proprietary high temperature recuperator, a large portion of the exhaust heat is recovered and electrical efficiency levels beyond 20% can be realised.

During development projects, large attention is given to cost price, reliability and low maintenance. These aspects, combined with their long life, give micro turbines the most competitive TCO (total cost of ownership) of all small-scale CHP solutions. The overall efficiency is substantially higher than condensing (HR) boilers. Payback time will depend on the users’ profile; it will normally be between 2 and 5 years. Besides, substantial CO2 emission reduction can be realised.


While natural gas was the initial fuel of choice when the designers started its development, meanwhile other fuels are also used. During its development, the designers also included projects focused on the applicability of clean fuels such as biomethane, green gas, biogas and mixtures natural gas - hydrogen. Besides, other fuels can be used such as LPG (propane / butane), bio-LPG, CNG or LNG.  In addition, also the use of liquid fuels such as heating oil or diesel are possible, if an adapted combustor and fuel system are used.


Micro turbine development is known to be a multi-disciplinary technology field, where a change on one specific aspect can have a direct effect on another. Over the years, the designers developed substantial know-how on the specifics of such multi-disciplinary developments and has gathered relevant know-how on the various fields that are important for micro turbine development. Some examples are performance & performance optimization, turbo machinery component design, clean combustion concepts, rotor dynamics, micro turbine control and system integration. Furthermore, the designers has developed its own proprietary high temperature recuperator technology, which is unique as it can be scaled on both performance and its power side. the designers' recuperator can be built without specific tooling.

In addition, the designers developed know-how on mechanical design, power electronics, simulation, bearing technology and -systems as well as reliability -, life- and heat management. The designers are well embedded in an infrastructure of universities, research institutes and high-tech industrial partners. Several scientific publications have been published by their technical staff, which are available on request.


Future designs will include micro turbines with improved component efficiencies of compressor, turbine and recuperator and also higher cycle pressure ratio, resulting in substantially higher electric efficiency levels. In addition, the designers develops specific applications and micro turbines with a higher power output. the designers’ proprietary micro turbine technology has significant advantages for micro turbines of up to 200 kW shaft power in terms of efficiency, reliability and simplicity.

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