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​innovative power solutions

Founded in 1999, Electrilabs continues to ensure the maximum possible system availability for its client's Backup-power, Grid-Power, Solar-power and air-condition infrastructure.


Our expertise has grown over the years to also include Turn-Key Data-centers, Telemetry and IoT Systems such as Smart-Homes, Smart-Farms, Monitoring Systems and Networking (IP and radio).


We also offer our customers a range of World-class  backup-power systems and other hardware that allows them to remain focused on their core business while we maintain (SLA) and if necessary, also repair their  infrastructure throughout its full life cycles.

On-line Store

UPS Backup

1-Phase 1KVA - 20KVA

3-Phase 10 - 800KVA

Solar Power

Panels, Inverters, MPPT's, Cables, Connectors, CCB's

Air Conditioning

220VAC-, 48VDC- and Inverter type Air Conditioners - Supply, Install and repairs.

DC Solar Air-conditioner.jpg


Lead-Acid, Gel, OPzV, Sodium, Lithium

24/7 Technicians

Installation, Repairs, Maintenance and Workshop

IoT Smart Home


Smart Farm/Home/Building

Aircon, Lights, CCTV, Alarm, Detectors, TV, Pumps, Kids

DC Power Systems

Inverters, Rectifiers, Chargers, (IP65) for Telecom etc.

Kenwood Hand-Held TK2317

2-Way Radios

UHF, VHF, HF, Digital, Networks, Masts

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