Air conditioning supply and maintenance at your disposal.


Air Conditioning systems have always been part of most of Elecrtrilabs' Turn-key projects which includes products such as In-Row cooling, CRAC units and comfort air-conditioning  units.

Since there are often cooing required at environments with  poor or no grid power, have Electrilabs extended its cooling product portfolio to include 48VDC off-grid air-conditioners ranging from 12000BTU - 36000BTU.

For cooling equipment in out-door cabinets, have Electrilabs added door-mount 48V DC air-conditioners ranging from 500W - 5KW to its product and service portfolio.

These products are complimented with a range of Electrilabs in-house services such as installation, maintenance and repairs of air-conditioning installed in all environments such as home and office comfort cooling, Data-Center precision cooling and now also 48V DC off-grid comfort-cooling and equipment cooling in outdoor containers.


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