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APC by Schneider award:
E-Labs have been reappointed by American Power Conversion by Schneider as Premium Partner for the 5th year in a row.

Sentech awards data centre contract to Electrilabs:
E-Labs has successfully completed the build of a turn-key data centre for Sentech. The project was completed in Q1 2014 and includes n SLA for 5 years.

Solar Power for Africa:
E-Labs also specialises in best in class German solar inverters and Hyundai solar panels and has rolled our highly efficient solar plants.

Angola & Zambia:
E-Labs have supplied 70+ AC and DC power solutions for  Angolan an Zambian Telecoms and Mining Industries.


Committed in Service Excellence and to supply reliable solutions...  within specification and within required time frames...

Our company's history

Electrilabs (Pty) Ltd has been doing business in power backup and IT infrastructure  business sector since 1999 and has experienced significant growth since then.

The companies business has grown into the area of the supplying of turnkey 3KWp - 1MWp Solar Systems, Computer-Room and UPS solutions for the small to large building and data centre environments.

Electrilabs has qualified field service and workshop engineers based in Midrand, South Africa, and also have various strategic and BEE partners throughout South Africa.

The company has initially been of service to mainly the, Industrisl, Mining, UPS and IT industry but has successfully grown its business into Generator and Computer Room solutions for Industrial, Government and the medium to large corporate environments.

Electrilabs have also been awarded Gold Partner status by APC and has been awarded distribution and preferred partner status from AEG Germany for Southern Africa and is also registered as Electrical Contractor with the ECA.


Our Quality system
See: Electrilabs Business Process Manual


Our company's BEE Status
Electrilabs has been audited externally by SEESA and received a rating of 3 (75% - 85% score). This makes Electrilabs one of a few companies of it's size, being considered as  groundbreaking companies to address the needs of the country to uplift and develop it's less fortunate population to become contributors towards the growth of the South African economy.


Our company's people

Electrilabs was established in 1999 by our MD, Kobus van Zyl. From the onset personnel was selected with an African ethnic background and trained in the various disciplines of the business.

Our Company people are proud, motivated and disciplined and are  focused on providing excellent service to all our customers.


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