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APC by Schneider award:
E-Labs have been reappointed by American Power Conversion by Schneider as Premium Partner for the 5th year in a row.

Sentech awards data centre contract to Electrilabs:
E-Labs has successfully completed the build of a turn-key data centre for Sentech. The project was completed in Q1 2014 and includes n SLA for 5 years.

Solar Power for Africa:
E-Labs also specialises in best in class German solar inverters and Hyundai solar panels and has rolled our highly efficient solar plants.

Angola & Zambia:
E-Labs have supplied 70+ AC and DC power solutions for  Angolan an Zambian Telecoms and Mining Industries.


Electrilabs can supply, deliver, install and maintain all UPS hardware and also offers maintenance contracts when required...


Welcome to Electrilabs' solar power Division -

Solar Wholesale - one of South Africa’s leading distributors of solar power systems, including the latest technology from some of the world’s leading solar power manufacturers. From high-performance Hyundai solar panels to the German DIEHL range of Platinum Inverters, you’ll find everything you need right here to complete superior solar power installations. 

At Solar Wholesale we’ve put a huge amount of time and effort into researching the most effective and affordable photovoltaic solar panels, as well as mounting kits, monitors, meters and solar batteries too. We’ve gathered the world’s best products and make them available to you direct or via one of our trusted resellers throughout South Africa. Whether you’re considering a new installation of PV panels or upgrading your existing solar power systems with the latest Platinum Inverters or Landis Smart-Energy Monitor, our solar power equipment and accessories enable you to maximise the return from your photovoltaic solar panels

At Solar Wholesale you have access to innovative engineering at its finest, with products chosen for their efficiency and performance. By using the best PV panels you can see a marked increase in the output during low light or cloud cover, and we’ve selected Hyundai solar panels for their consistent performance in all levels of sunlight. More energy production means more power, and as a result - greater savings for you! Whether for a domestic or commercial installation, your PV panels are only as good as the energy storage that backs them up, and we offer the latest lithium batteries and Diehl Inverters to ensure you can retrieve the power you need, when you need it. Platinum Inverters are some of the most efficient in the field of solar power, boasting up to 98.4% alongside ease of installation and robust quality of construction.

As well as the wholesale distribution of PV panels, batteries, Platinum Inverters, meters and more - at Solar Wholesale we can also provide a full design, build, install and commissioning service for solar power systems - enabling you to enjoy a superior solar power installation from one of South Africa’s most trusted solar power experts.

Whether you’re looking for photovoltaic solar panels, monitors and meters to upgrade your current solar power system, or want a quote for a full solar power installation using Hyundai solar panels, Platinum Inverters and superior quality components, visit our Contact page now to get in touch, one of our solar power technicians will be happy to discuss your individual requirements. 

Contact us on 011 315-3791 or email


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