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APC by Schneider award:
E-Labs have been reappointed by American Power Conversion by Schneider as Premium Partner for the 5th year in a row.

Sentech awards data centre contract to Electrilabs:
E-Labs has successfully completed the build of a turn-key data centre for Sentech. The project was completed in Q1 2014 and includes n SLA for 5 years.

Solar Power for Africa:
E-Labs also specialises in best in class German solar inverters and Hyundai solar panels and has rolled our highly efficient solar plants.

Angola & Zambia:
E-Labs have supplied 70+ AC and DC power solutions for  Angolan an Zambian Telecoms and Mining Industries.


Electrilabs offer a long-term relationship with its customers through continuously looking after en maintaining the equipment and solutions it supplied... Our Company is proud on the excellent services it combines with its solutions...
  On-Site Services

Electrilabs also do on-site installation, repairs and service where customers prefer to minimize the impact on their business operations. Such on-site services are usually done during after-hours to limit downtime. On-site services include maintenance, installation and repairs.


       Computer room installation      Solar Installation wit IP Cameras             


       2 x 80KVA UPS installation                Solar PV Solutions                

 Maintenance Contracts

 Electrilabs also offers a unique Proactive maintenance service. This includes:

         Annual preventative maintenance

         Proactive Load measurements to prevent overloads

         Proactive runtime test to ensure that back-up time is sufficient


UPS Calibration 

Due to Electrilabs initial focus being on the support and repair of UPSís, our technicians develop programming algorithms and repair skills that are unequalled in the UPS industry in Afrca. 

This can be substantiated by the fact that Electrilabs still remains the only Southern African company capable of calibrating APC, AEG and other makes of UPSís correctly.         

Local Spares

After 6 years of building up spares, Electrilabs is the only local company that has a large supply of  local spares for the APC, AEG, Compaq, Meissner, Mecer and various other UPS products. This enables our company to execute repairs and maintenance at a significantly lower cost.   



Electrilabs provides generators from 5KVA - 1MVA to ensure that the clients are not at risk during extended Power outages.


Generator - Eskom Witbank

 Turn-around & Pricing on repairs

Electrilabs can also commit to a 24-hour turn-around on repairs and spare parts at a price unequalled by any other UPS support company.


The initial calibration AND programming there after, ensures that our customers always gets maximum run-time and maximum battery life from their UPSís. Electrilabs therefore do not just do a simple battery change as most other UPS companies, but ensure that our customers get maximum benefit from their investment through proper calibration, programming and burn-in testing.


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