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Solar Power for Africa:
E-Labs also specialises in best in class German Diehl solar inverters and Hyundai solar panels and has rolled our highly efficient solar plants. <more>

Angola & Zambia:
E-Labs have supplied 70+ AC and DC power solutions for  Angolan an Zambian Telecoms and Mining Industries.

AEG Power Solutions:
E-Labs have secured a  partnership with AEG-Germany to address the industrial and DC-power mark in the Sub-Sahara region.

Total Data Centre, Cooling and Power Protection Solutions ..... Designed, Delivered and Installed to address your exact Needs     Multiple Turn-Key Solutions from ONE Vendor!!



E-Labs successfully complete the supply & installation of 200+ 5KVA UPS's at Sasol Fuel stations
E-Labs secure a 5 year contract with Sentech to deploy back-up power for TV and radio transmitters
E-Labs delivers state of the art German grid-tied PV solar power technology with 98% efficiency and a 20 year warranty

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Electrilabs offers it's Customers...
bullet The latest German Solar Power Inverters with Hyundai PV Solar Panels
bullet UPS Workshop, spares and repairs
bullet On-Site Repairs and Maintenance
bullet Power and Cooling Analysis
bullet UPS Supplies and installation
bullet Data Centre Cooling Solutions
bullet Power Reticulation
bullet Ready-to-Populate Data Centre infrastructure (Racks, PDU's, Airflow units, Flooring, Access Control, NetBotz Surveillance etc.)
bullet Maintenance Contracts
bullet UPS Outsourcing
bullet NetBotz Solutions Provider
bullet APC Certified Gold Partner
bullet APC Certified Service Centre
bullet AEG Power Systems Distributor
bullet CCTV Solutions Partner
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